Tony Pistilli

VP and Chief Appraiser of Xome Settlement Services

Tony Pistilli | VP and Chief Appraiser of Xome Settlement Services Tony has over 25 years of real estate appraising and lending experience. He has previously worked at large national banks, mortgage companies, HUD and as a self-employed fee appraiser. He has provided compliance and regulatory assessments to financial institutions, regulatory agencies and appraisal management companies. Tony is a member […]

Lee Lansford, IFA

Lee Lansford has professional experience as a past-instructor of “appraisal principles” and has been a residential real estate appraiser for 25+ years. Lee is certified by the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) as an USPAP Instructor. Further, he was appointed in 8-2008 and continues to serve as a member of the State of Illinois’ Real Estate […]

Ryan Lundquist

Ryan Lundquist is a certified appraiser and focuses on residential appraisals in the Sacramento area. His clients include home owners, real estate agents, governmental agencies, attorneys, and lenders. Ryan runs the Sacramento Appraisal Blog, which is a top-ranking appraisal blog in the United States. He has written over 1000 articles to help illustrate what is […]

George Vann

George is the Assistant Vice President of Education and Training with ServiceLink, A Black Knight Company. In this role, he oversees the development, production, collection, and archival of a library of training for staff, panel appraisers, and clients associated with ServiceLink. Prior to this position, George served as Chief Appraiser of LSI Division, Lender Processing Services. […]

Julie D. Friess


Julie D. Friess, SRA has a BS in Finance from SUNY Buffalo and a MA in Clinical Psychology from North Central University. She began appraising in 1988 on Long Island, NY and moved to Northern AZ in 1995. She is an SRA Designated, Certified Residential appraiser, AQB Certified USPAP instructor who is currently licensed to […]

Mary Ellen Moser

Mary Ellen Moser, PhD, MBA, CDEI is a certified general appraiser. The review of many thousands of appraisals, and for a wide variety of clients, gave Mary Ellen the opportunity to study reports from all 50 states, both finest and the poorest—reports written in the best and worst of market circumstances, including natural disasters. Having […]

R. Wayne Pugh


R. Wayne Pugh, MAI, CRE, is the CEO of R. Wayne Pugh and Company, a real estate consulting and appraisal firm founded in Baton Rouge in 1975. He is a graduate of LSU holding a degree in Real Estate Finance. Mr. Pugh is also the CEO and founder of Software for Real Estate Professionals, where […]

Ernest W. Durbin, II

Ernie Durbin is Chief Valuation Officer at Valuation Vision. As CVO, Durbin leverages the strengths of V2’s technologies and develops new solutions for the valuation industry. As a co-founder of V2, Durbin is currently co-inventor of patent pending technology and methods that power BPOMerge. Additionally, Durbin has leveraged his 30+ years of real estate valuation […]

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