Program Scope

Allterra Online course offerings will be limited to asynchronous, distance learning via Internet and are aimed primarily at continuing education for professional real estate appraiser licensure. Courses will primarily follow the Mastery learning style approach, meaning students cannot proceed through the course without demonstrating mastery of the content on a unit-by-unit basis.

Registration and Fees

Payment of registration fees and any additional fees must be made prior to attending class. Course fees are noted with each course listing. Some courses have additional charges for supplies/resources and are noted along with the course descriptions.

Course Completion

Students have up to six (6) months from purchase date to complete a course. After six (6) months, students can renew the course at the cost of the basic course fee for continued and uninterrupted access to the course.

Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves ethically, honestly and with integrity as responsible members of the academic community. Students will demonstrate respect and civility in academic and professional discourse. Students are expected to respect the rights and privileges of others and foster an environment conducive to learning.

Student Verification & Interactivity

By enrolling in this course, the student hereby attests that s/he is the person completing all coursework. S/he understands that having another person complete the coursework for them is fraudulent and will result in being denied course completion and corresponding credit hours.

The course provider reserves the right to make contact as necessary to verify the integrity of any information submitted or communicated by the student. The student agrees not to duplicate or distribute any part of this copyrighted work or provide other parties with the answers or copies of the assessments that are part of this course. If plagiarism or copyright infringement is proven, the student will be notified of such and barred from the course and/or have his/her credit hours and/or certification revoked.


Plagiarism, cheating, and stealing will be considered grounds for dismissal from the course. Allterra Online reserves the right to withdraw the privileges of enrollment from any student whose activities or behavior are disruptive to the ongoing educational and professional life of the program.