The Paperless Office

The Paperless Office


Presented By: Ernie Durbin & Bill Waltenbaugh

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Join Ernie Durbin and Bill Waltenbaugh as they discuss how to improve your business by going paperless.

A paperless appraisal office is certainly environmentally friendly in a “green” sense. However green is also the color of money. Removing paper from your office equates to enormous cost savings. While reducing expenses is an obvious byproduct of a paperless practice, freedom and mobility are the greatest benefit. Paperless appraisers can work from anywhere in a virtual office. A paperless appraisal environment scales well for large organizations as well as the lone wolf appraiser. This webinar will layout all the benefits of a paperless appraisal office and provide a concrete plan for implementing it quickly and inexpensively. All aspects of the appraisal process will be covered and a list of software and hardware tools will be provided. The record-keeping requirements of USPAP will be addressed as well. You will leave this webinar motivated and equipped to begin a paperless appraisal practice immediately.

This is a pre-recorded webinar available now for download.


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