Understanding Form 1004MC - Unraveling the Mysteries

Understanding Form 1004MC – Unraveling the Mysteries


Presented By: Danny Wiley


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Reports with internal contradictions can inherently lead a reader to question the overall credibility of the analysis and conclusions that are presented. All too often, the data and conclusions reported on a 1004MC are not consistent with data, conclusions, and comments presented in other sections of an appraisal report. The form has been around for many years, why still so much confusion? What are some of the common errors? Must page 1 match 1004MC? When placing the data in the 1004MC grid, should the dates be based on how long ago a current listing was placed on the market? There are a number of fields and entries on the 1004MC, while this webinar is not an exhaustive deep dive, it does cover the most common issues and how to properly complete the 1004MC.

This is a pre-recorded webinar available now for download.


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